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  • What are beginner friendly plants?
    Depends what your lighting requirements are like, but our go to are always golden pothos, zz plants, snake plants, and spider plants.
  • Will you ever have ___ in stock? What rare plants do you have?
    We might! It depends. Unlike most plant boutiques, we go out and hand-pick all of our plants every week for y’all. This means plant availability changes every week depending on what looks good, what’s available at the nursery, and what we can get our hands on! We can’t guarantee that anything will be restocked regularly. The best way to see if something is in stock is to visit us in-store or contact us directly. Please be patient. Keep in mind that we are still a small business and therefore can only supply things in small quantities to test the demand. If there is a plant you are interested in, let us know! We can try to source it for you.
  • Do you do holds?
    We do not offer holds on harder to find plants. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. 

We require a small deposit to hold common houseplants and for special orders. Special orders must be put in advance.
  • What’s up with the pricing? I can buy it at "XYZ" (big box store) for half the price..
    We’re a small business. We can’t afford to be buying hundreds of thousands of the same plant in bulk, so we have to pay a little more compared to the big hardware/grocery stores that can buy 500 Stingray alocasias at one time 🤣 Additionally, because we only sell plants, we don’t have the luxury of making passive income for other items like groceries, power tools, or paint to help us pay rent. We pay all of our employees above minimum wage and will continue to pay our employees a living wage because that’s what ALL HUMANS deserve. Every plant purchase you make with us means so much. We could never thank our community enough 🥺🌱
  • What is your return policy?
    We do not offer returns on plants. If you have concerns with the quality of the plant you purchased, please contact us. We take great pride in the quality of products we provide and will help troubleshoot your care. Planters, plant tools, and non-live items may be refunded up to 2 weeks after purchase. Please provide proof of purchase.

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